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Executive Producer
Creative Director
Executive Producer
Kelvin believes he can change the media industry with his unique point of view and obsession with attention-grabbing contents. Providing the right content to the right audience at anytime and anywhere, he embraces the influence of Internet TV and deems it as the new generation of television. Understanding that the video medium will replace the future, Kai decided to explore his career in filmmaking to perfect the relationship between videos and successful marketing strategies. Little did he know that filmmaking soon took over as his new passion, and drove him to a never-ending pursuit in perfecting his craft. Sherwin believes that each video, with the right delivery, has the ability to shape perceptions, influence choices and sway opinions. With an eye for detail, a warped sense of humor and an overbearing sense of urgency, he manages to get it going, every time.
Terran Tang
Pieter Van Gothem
Photographer / Producer
We may be looking out of the same window but we may not share the same view.: It has always been Terran's passion as a photographer to bring forth evocative images from his unique perspective, at the same time adding a sense of personal touch and creativity to it to spice up your visual appeitite. Pieter likes to daydream about ideas for new shoots, seeking inspiration from movies, designs and paintings. He has also been producing photography projects, big and small, ensuring clients' business ideas can transform into creative visual concepts.